Cucumber Melon Soap

I made this soap using 2 oz each of cucumber and cantaloupe which I had processed in a small food processor with a little bit of the oil.  The food represented 1:7.5 of the oil.  Here is what it looked like:

    . I placed the blended cucumber and melon in the refrigerator to keep it cool.  Next I measured 6 ounces of goats milk and put it into an ice cube tray and froze it, the goat's milk represented 62% of the liquid (goat's milk = 6 oz, liquid portion of cucumber & cantaloupe = 3.7 oz for a total liquid of 9.7 oz).

.  I then measured out 30 ounces of the oils per the "soapcalc" formula:

After the goats milk was frozen, I slowly poured the sodium hydroxide over it and dissolved the lye.  I then placed it back in the refrigerator to get the temperature  down to around 76 degrees F.  After the oils cooled to 78 degrees F, I added the cucumber and melon, blended it with the stick blender then added the goats's milk with sodium hydroxide.  I added the cucumber melon fragrance oil then divided it into four parts, 50% was yellow and 16.7% each of the three colors orange, green, and brown.  I then poured the colors into a Crafter's Choice 1501 silicone mold (8 inches long) with cardboard dividers as shown on the sheet above.

I removed the cardboard dividers and swirled the soap with a chopstick in an arc.  Next, I placed the soap into the refrigerator for 24 hours then at room temperature for 24 hours.  The soap was then cut first vertically at a width of 3.67 inches.  Then these 3 sections were cut horizontally about 1 inch thick for each bar.  Here is how it looked:


If you want to see a video of the swirl technique look up Etsuko Watanabe on YouTube as this is a slightly modified version of her pink flower technique.

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  • They turned out great, Jerry! I assume you used micas for the colors? It’s such a dramatic swirl, and a great idea for your food ingredients, and coconut milk is also wonderful!

    Amy Warden

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