How I Made Avocado Goat's Milk Soap

This recipe has 100% goat's milk as the liquid portion and 4 oz of avocado added to the oil (30 ounces total).  Here is the recipe from :

Place the goat's milk in an ice cube tray in the freezer.  Weigh out your lye and put aside.  Weigh out your oils and rosemary essence oil and put aside.  Take the avocado and put it in a small food processor.  Add about 1 oz of your oils to the avocado and blend it for about 3 minutes.  Weigh out the French Green Clay, the Activated Charcoal and the Kaolin Clay into 3 oz plastic cups.  Put 1 tablespoon of your oil into each cup and stir.

Place the blended avocado into the remaining oils and stick blend.  

Prepare  your mold (Crafter's Choice 1501) with the pull through device on the bottom as follows:

The recipe called for 8.5 oz of goat's milk but the weight of the frozen cubes was 9.4 oz so that is what I used.  When the goat's milk is frozen solid place the cubes into a large plastic bowl and slowly add the sodium hydroxide.  Stirring frequently.  When thoroughly mixed put back into the refrigerator until temperature is at least 80 degrees F.  When cooled down to the desired temperature add the lye/goat's milk to the oils and stick blend to light trace.   Divide into 3 portions, 15.5 oz, 15.5 oz and 13 oz.  Add the green clay to one 15.5 oz, the kaolin clay to the other 15.5 oz and the charcoal to the 13 oz portion.  Pour into the three portions into the mold randomly and let sit until about medium-light trace.  Then slowly pull the red pull through device from the bottom as evenly as possible.  Place the soap immediately into the refrigerator for 24 hours.  Remove after 24 hours then leave at room temperature for 24 hours.  


When the soap is removed from the mold, cut into 3 equal parts by making two vertical cuts 2.67 inches apart.  Turn these 3 parts onto their sides and cut in half to reveal the pattern.  Let cure for about a week then plane as needed and bevel the edges.




  • The pattern you created is amazing! How cool to use the pull through screen, and the avocado and goat milk ingredients sound wonderful!

  • Oh my, these sound sinfully luxurious! Not to mention, the are absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job, Jerry!

    Debi Olsen
  • Cool soap!

  • Wow! What a neat effect you achieved!! I love that you applied what you learned from last month for the technique – I had no idea how you did it until I read your post! Avocado and goat milk make such a wonderful, creamy soap too – I’m sure you will really enjoy using these!

    Amy Warden

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