How I Made Cocoon Soap



I made this soap for the August Soap Challenge Club using a few different techniques.  The soap was made in a "Tall and Skinny" mold with a silicone liner.  This is a picture of the formula I used:

Notice that it is 39/61 saturated/unsaturated oil so I expected a slow trace.  I have found that cucumber-melon fragrance oil slows down trace so I have plenty of time to work.  I mixed the entire batch,  and initially used a whisk to achieve an emulsion.  I separated the three layers out by weight.  I used a stick blender to achieve light trace for the bottom layer that was made by creating an ombre effect.  I divided the soap into two equal parts and colored them and added the fragrance oil.

I tilted the mold and poured the first layer of purple down the side in 3 sweeps across and back.  I then added 1 ounce of the white to the purple, stirred it and poured another 3 sweeps.  I kept doing that until all of the white had been added to the purple. I did switch sides after about 3 pours.  

The next layer is just white made with titanium dioxide.  I waited about 30 minutes for the ombre layer to firm up then poured about 1/2 of the white over a spatula slowly onto the ombre layer.  I then added the butterfly which I made 2 days earlier. After placing the butterfly in the middle I finished pouring the white. 

The butterfly was made in a silicone mold using this formula:

MAKING THE BUTTERFLY:  I purchased the mold on Etsy.  Not a great mold, you have to clamp the sides to keep it together for your pour. To make two colors in the butterfly I placed a straw down the middle of the mold.  I used two jumbo straws, cut one on each side about 2 inches and pushed it into the other straw.  Tape the straws together so they don't get stuck in the mold when you go to pull them out.


I actually used a lot more clamps than this.  Next I placed the mold in a vase to allow me to make the pour.  I poured a little bit of pink into the straw then poured purple down the sides and kept repeating until full.  I removed the straw and then used a thin chopstick to gently swirl the soap. Next I put the mold and vase into the oven heated to 170 degrees (then turned off) and kept it there overnight.  I waited about 36 hours to un-mold it.

The top layer was made using the drop swirl technique.  I put the pink and purple each into separate 12 oz paper cups.  I put the nocturnal into a squeeze bottle.  Squeeze a layer of black onto the top using a back and forth motion with the squeeze bottle then pour the purple back and forth and then the pink as close to the purple pour as possible.  Keep doing this until all of the soap is poured.

I put the mold into the oven pre-heated to 170 degrees. Turned the over off and left the mold in the oven overnight.





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  • Please take this as constructive criticism, I have had several of your soaps and sent as gifts . I find they do NOT hold their fragrance ):

    Sandi Jordan
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