How I Made Moon & Stars Over the Lake

First I made the moon using a 1 inch silicone column mold and "Here Comes The Bride" mica from Mad Micas.  I let it set up a day before I removed it from the mold.



Next I made the hills using the following 16 ounces(oil) of this formula:

Canola Oil 12.5%, Castor Oil 6.25%, Coconut Oil 31.25%, Cottonseed Oil 20%, Palm Oil 25% and Shea Butter 5%.  The colors I used were rainforest and emerald green. I used Green Irish FO 0.8 oz from Nature's Garden.  I mixed it to medium trace then poured into a wooden mold lined with freezer paper. I used a divider made from cardboard:

I used a small plastic piece to run along the hills to get the curve I needed.  I cut the piece from a plastic jug.  It was about 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. It looked like this:

This is what the hills looked like after I shaped them.

I then made the lake using the same formula as the hills but with blue vibrance mica. That took about a hour to cool the oils and mix the lye.  I made 12 ounces and poured enough to cover the hills just a bit.  I let this set up for an hour while I made the sky using the same formula and Cheshire Cat Purple with a small bit of charcoal.  I blended it to light trace and began pouring layers.  For each layer I added about 1.5 ml of a gardenia FO from Lebermuth while rapidly accelerated trace.  I poured it in the mold and within 5 minutes it was firm and I could pour the next layer. There was no charcoal in the first layer but I gradually increased the amount of charcoal in each subsequent layers.  After about the first 2 layers I placed the moon.  I poured another layer and started adding the stars which were simply cake decorating round white sprinkles.  That's all there was to it.



  • You’re soap, especially with the white sprinkles rock! What a great idea to put them on, you’re so creative! Best regards, Diane

  • Lovely soap and design!

    Jamie R.
  • Beautiful soap design and I love your colors👏🎉🥰

    Leslie Steadman
  • Such a beautiful design! I love the cool color palette and how you incorporated the stars with the moon in the sky! I wouldn’t have thought to use cake sprinkles, but they definitely worked!

    Amy Warden

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