How I Made Neon Midnight

This soap made for the September Soap Challenge Club competition required a very thin trace in order to create the very thin lines.  I used a formula that contained just three oils but low degree of saturation so the oil/lye mixture would stay thin for a long time.  This is the SoapCalc formulation page:

The contest requirement was to use five colors which are identified in the formulation page above.  Here is how they looked before pouring into the base soap


I poured the base color of Midnight Blue and then the lines as seen in this photo:



I made two swirls, the first was just up and back, very close together:


The white appears to have been completely enveloped by the other, stronger color but you can seen just a touch on the corner of one soap.  I then made the final swirl:

And the final product:




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  • Just beautiful. They look like the lines will be thick and then MAGIC! So pretty. Congratulations!

    Terry Friedman
  • Wow! Congratulations on your win! beautiful colour combination. Sharon


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