How I Made Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop

The April Soap Challenge Club's project was called Tall & Skinny Shimmy.  The process involves using a tall and skinny mold and using seven pours tocreate the shimmy effect you see in the picture.  I have to be honest, this was my fourth attempt.  The key is to have your soap batter very thin (called thin trace).  I failed on the thickness once, then had more than 7 pours once, and disliked the color combination once.  To make a thin trace you need what is called a slow tracing formula.  Here is my formula:

I used three colors:  midnight blue, orange vibrance, and lemon drop yellow.  I made 3 shades of each color to have an ombre technique.  I used 3 blue pours, 2 yellow, and 2 oranges in the following order:

The order was important as one of my early failures was because I ended up with two yellows side-by-side.  Not good.  I used cucumber melon fragrance oil because it slows down trace considerably.  Here is a picture of my colors:

There is a bit of math involved here in order to get the pours about the same size:

I tried to pour initially with a measuring cup that has a long spout, thought that would be easier, it wasn't.  Went back to the paper cups with a slight bend to make pouring down the side of the mold easier.  I used two pencils to prop up each side alternatively as I poured, switching from one to the other.  After completing the pours I used a Taiwan swirl on the top:

I used a cold process oven process to cure the soap.  I put it in the over at 170 degrees for 10 minutes, turned the oven off, left it in for 30 hours.  It was quite soft so I covered it for another 24 hours and was then able to remove it:

I left it on the counter for another 24 hours before I cut it due to softness.  



  • Your colors are beautiful and the design is just amazing. I love how you laid out the soaps for your entry photo, too! Such an awesome idea!

    Holly Shelton
  • I love that orange and blue Color combination! Great job!

  • Bright and bold, love it!

  • Your colors and your color combination are great. Good job.

  • Very impressive, Jerry!! Great color combo and beautiful design! Your entry photo is excellent as well. So glad you made the effort to get the effect you were looking for!

    Amy Warden

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