How to Make Love Potion Number 9

I used an oil mixture of 30% coconut, canola and olive plus 10% avocado.  The essence oil was Lavender.  Water as a percent of oil was 38% and it was 5% superfat.  The color:  cup 1 was blue vibrance, radioactive green, tennis ball breaker yellow.  Cup 2 was midnight blue, titanium dioxide, brazen hussey.  I used 0.5 tsp of each color in 6 oz of light trace oil/sodium hydroxide.  The mold was a 6 x 6 inch silicone mold.  I poured the colors into the lower right corner.  I put the mold in the oven at 170 degrees (immediately shut off after it reached the temperature).  Left in the oven overnight and un-molded the next day.  The first cut was through the middle at the 3 inch mark.  The two halves were then cut at 2 inch intervals to produce six bars.



  • I love how you showed the ends too. Makes me want to see it change when used day by day lol

    Pam Carver
  • These are gorgeous!! Great job!

    Tania M Villalba
  • I love these colors and super fine layers. Beautiful!

    Susan G Rushing
  • Wow, this is gorgeous! The bright colors really look amazing, and the feathering is awesome as well! I like how you used the mold to its full potential! Those are some really hefty bars! :)

    Amy Warden

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